Beauty Pie II


Hey guys! Hope you're doing well on this fine Friday.

Today I'm bringing you a review of my latest haul at Beauty Pie. I don't know how it's been 5 months since my last Beauty Pie purchase. Seriously, insane.

As I said in the previous post, Beauty Pie is a membership program where you pay $10 a month in exchange for $100 worth of high quality makeup at factory prices. Basically, if a beauty product costs you $50 at say, Sephora, you'll be getting the same quality product for a fraction of the cost - albeit in a much less luxurious packaging. As I work in the beauty industry, I can tell you that most of the cost of manufacturing a beauty product is in the packaging alone. So a lot of the time, you're paying for a pretty package and not so much of what's really inside.

Today, I'll be showing you a couple Beauty Pie makeup products and my first impressions/review of them after using them for over a month. The things I purchased are:





First things first: 


Honestly, I think the simplicity, shades, and design of this palette is so simple yet beautifully effective. I love the more neutral/cooler toned nudes as more warm-toned nudes make my eyes look like I have a disease. So shade-wise, it works perfectly on my skintone (light/medium neutral).


As far as texture and color payoff, it sort of lacks in this area. While the shades may look really vibrant swatched on my arm, it took a few swipes for me to get to that level of opacity, especially for the lighter shades. The highlight and sculpt shades felt more chalky than the rest, and overall - slightly chalky. I do have to say though, the texture of these eyeshadows felt quite finely milled. While applying onto my lids, it felt even more chalky and I'll be completely honest - these shades are quite difficult to blend. Not sure if I should be using a specific primer but it took quite a bit for me to really blend these colors in. At times, I felt like they were never going to blend perfectly. Frustrating. If I were to benchmark this against the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, I'd say this is definitely more chalky and less blendable than the UD Naked palette. I say if you want a matte palette, check out Urban Decay or Tarte matte palettes. 


Next up: 


If you've ever tried the Ben Nye Banana Powder, I think you'd like this one. It's kind of like the next generation of "banana-yellow" powders that were a huge craze back in the day when highlighting and baking was still a thing. This setting powder is so finely milled and so lightweight on the skin - I'm a huge fan. While it's not completely transparent, it works really well for people with more red/pink undertones as it really helps with neutralizing your skin tone. As I already have quite a neutral undertone, this really just ends up perfecting my skin after I've applied foundation. I do like the netting over the powder, as it helps with controlling the dust. Packaging-wise, it's simple but super functional. I love this stuff & as it is only $8.39, it's definitely worth giving it a shot! 


And finally:


When I saw this on Beauty Pie's Instagram, I knew I HAD to try it. I'm a big fan of lip products in general, and the word "oil" in the name just jumped at me. Originally, I had expected a more moisturizing & nourishing lip product - but as I applied it onto my lips, I realized (to my dismay) that it's pretty much a glorified lip gloss and nothing more. It's a shame because even the color of the oil looked perfect for my skin tone, and that didn't even show up very well on my lips. If I were to review this as a lip oil, I'm kind of bleh about it. If I were to review this as a lip gloss, I'd say that it feels super smooth on the lips and not very sticky or tacky. But overall, this product was not as moisturizing as I had hoped and color payoff was quite sheer. While it's not a terrible product by any means, I'm just disappointed that it ended up being a straight up lip gloss. Would I recommend this? For $5.65, I think it's worth giving it a shot if you're into gloss!

See the results below!


This is the final look using the eyeshadow palette, loose setting powder, and lip oil. What do you all think?

Til next time, xoxo :)