Diorskin Forever Foundation Review (Before/After)


Hello all! Hope you lovelies are all doing well today :)

Today I’m going to be writing about a foundation that I’ve been using almost every single day since I’ve purchased last summer in July. It is called the Diorskin Forever foundation. I’ll have to be honest - this is the first ever Dior makeup product I’ve ever tried from their line. I’m not even sure why I never had the chance to try them out, because if this foundation is any indication of quality for the rest of their line, then I’m very impressed.

I also have to preface this review by saying that I’ve finally finished the entire foundation today (I purchased last July). It’s very rare for me to finish a foundation, so even with this piece of information, there is a very high chance you’ll love it too.

One other thing - I’m VERY picky when it comes to foundation. I’ve tried many foundations in my lifetime (from ELF to La Mer) and I have to say this is ranked in my top 3 foundations I own.


When I first tried this foundation, I loved how easily it went on and blended into my skin. Coverage wise, it’s about a medium coverage, although you can use much less product and still have an even-toned look. If you’re a full-coverage foundation fanatic, I would still try this foundation as it is very easily buildable.

The Diorskin Forever foundation claims to be:

  1. A luminous, matte-finish foundation

  2. Long-wearing for up to 16 hours

  3. Pore-refining/texture correction

Check, check, and check.

  1. The finish is matte, although not chalky matte (think Fenty Pro Filt’r); it’s more of what I like to call, a “rose-petal” finish: matte and poreless, but still radiant.

  2. As far as it’s long wear claim, I do have to say that it does last quite a long time. While my skin gets very oily throughout the day, this foundation lasts about 8-10 hours until it starts to break down from my oils. And even after the 10 hours, it still doesn’t look terrible - just oily. Using a mattifying powder throughout the day helps keep this foundation looking fresh on my face for a bit longer.

  3. For the summer months, this foundation is PERFECT. It seems to work very very well in combination with the natural oils of your skin. In the winter, I’d use a bit more moisturizer before using this, even though I find that it doesn’t really cling onto dry patches as easily as other foundations. As far as pore-refining, there are other foundations out there that do a better job, but it does appear to go on the skin VERY smoothly, which is super important for me, as I have problems with my skin texture anyway.

The quality and design of the packaging is really incredible as well. It feels hefty in your hand and looks beautiful on your dresser/table. They did not skimp out on the quality of this packaging!


The product comes out not very runny, as you can see in the image above. You need about 1 and 1/2 pumps to cover your whole face.


Close-up, you can see how well the foundation blends into the skin and really becomes a “part” of your skin while evening out skin tone issues.


Unretouched before image of my face close up :) (shot on iphone X)

Unretouched before image of my face close up :) (shot on iphone X)

You can see I’ve got some textural issues and slightly hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead area.


Unretouched after image of my face close up :) (shot on iphone X)

Unretouched after image of my face close up :) (shot on iphone X)