The Influencer, Clean & Longwearing: A Review

Click on pic to purchase!

Click on pic to purchase!

Where there is a new foundation launch surrounded by a lot of hype, I’m there. I don’t think there is any other makeup product I’m more excited about than foundation, because I believe that having good skin - a good “foundation” to the rest of your makeup - makes your entire look.

When I heard about Sunday Riley coming out with their first ever foundation, I was so pumped. Sunday Riley, if you didnt know, is a game changer in the industry. Since their conception, they’ve disrupted the ever-saturated market with incredibly innovative skincare that is based purely on the science of skin and vastly improving the efficacy of common skincare ingredients. On top of that, their brand presence and overall designs of their packaging makes me so happy. They make skincare easy to understand by color coding their product lines and emphasizing the active ingredients.

Naturally, I was soo excited when I got my hands on this foundation called the “The Influencer", purchased at Sephora for $42. It's got a ring to it; I mean, the name alone made me really want to try it; it's really well marketed and feels quite in-the-moment.

At first, you notice how beautiful and simple the packaging is. I’m a sucker for good packaging, and I gotta say they hit the mark on this one (as with pretty much all their products). I love packaging like this for foundations especially because of the ease of use and portability. 

$42 at Sephora - Click on image to purchase!

$42 at Sephora - Click on image to purchase!

I completely guessed my shade, which happened to be pretty much the perfect color match. Insane. I am the shade 130 - fair with golden undertones.


The texture of this foundation is slightly runny, and has got a slight heaviness to it. I'm pretty sure there is silicone in the formula, which really sucks because it isn't the best for people with acne-prone skin. While this foundation claims to be "lightweight feeling", I think it is quite the contrary. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't feel awfully heavy. It just doesn't feel like a lightweight foundation it claims to be.

My initial reaction while blending this in was that I was surprised by how little you actually need. With this stuff, although a bit heavy, you really only need about a pump of foundation for your entire face.


From the below picture, you can see just how nicely the foundation looks on the skin. It looks more natural than what you would expect from a medium-to-full coverage foundation. What I didn't like so much was that it took quite a long time to actually blend it in to the skin, and on top of that, it took quite a long while to set. Weirdly, even when the foundation set, it was still easily moveable and it just seemed as though the foundation kind of sits right on top of your skin in a layer instead of blending/melting into the skin.


So this is my skin, in natural daylight, without a single ounce of makeup on. You can see that I have quite a bit of freckles, slight acne scarring on my forehead, and hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. Overall, definitely not the worst you've ever seen but also not the best.


Below is after I've applied the foundation onto my face. While it looks great on camera, I realized that if you look up really closely into a mirror, you can see that it clings on, the slightest bit, onto dry patches of the face. Finish wise, it is really quite lovely and natural looking, although I would not call it matte like the foundation claims. I can see what they mean when they say a "clean" foundation. It makes my skin look so fresh!

Also, one thing I have to mention is that it's best to apply this stuff with your fingers. Because it takes forever to buff and blend in, you'll see brush strokes in the foundation, which is super annoying since it takes triple the amount of time to work it into the skin. 


Below, I've also included another photo of my skin without makeup, at night. You can see some more of the hyper pigmentation issues I have on my skin, as well as some darkness under my eyes. 


Below, you'll see how my skin looks in artificial lighting with the foundation on. 

One of my main requirements for a foundation to be considered "holy-grail" is long-wearing. As I work super long hours, I find that a foundation needs to be up to speed with my lifestyle. At first, my skin looked phenomenal, but after the 3-4 hour mark, the foundation started to break down and look/feel greasy. I blotted my face way more often (about 4 times a day) than I have with other foundations I use. By the 10 hour mark, it was completely broken down which made me look super greasy and I was just dying to wash my face at that point.


Overall, I expected to really truly love this product. I also kind of expected this to be given the Holy Grail award. While it looked nice in the beginning, it broke down quite rapidly due to my oily skin. I would imagine that this foundation would be absolutely amazing for someone with normal to dry skin, as it doesn't dry out at all. Does this mean you shouldn't give it a try if you have oily skin? No! I think there are some really great qualities to this foundation, and I'm definitely going to continue using for nights out, or on weekends, when I don't have to have it on for too long. 

Here are my pros:

- Non-drying
- Beautiful natural/satin finish
- Buildable coverage
- Great packaging
- Great color matching
- Natural looking

And my cons:

- Not long-wearing
- Has silicone in it
- Kind of heavy on skin
- Makes me more oily than usual
- Takes forever to blend
- Still moveable even after it sets


Overall, I'll rate this a 6 out of 10 stars. I still would recommend you normal to dry skin types out there to give this a try. For the oily skin types, I would say get a small sample of this first before committing to a full size, as it may make you more oily like it did for me. I think it is definitely a really interesting texture and formulation, and there are some great qualities to this as well. I'd love to see more foundations out by Sunday Riley in the future! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this review and let me know if any of  you try this foundation out for yourselves! I'm very curious :)

Ciao for now


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