Labor Day


Let's kick off this Labor Day with a splash!

I'm going to keep this one short because I'm sure all of you are at a fun, beautiful and sunny place this weekend. If you're staying home, even better!

Honestly, this summer has been so much fun, regardless of the heat (which we unfortunately have to endure for a bit longer). & I'm not normally one to love summer (especially this summer humidity UGH), so I'm excited for this weather to transition into fall - the most fashion-y season of them all.

And as we kick off Labor Day weekend, we're also getting closer to kicking off NYFW!!!!! And I have to say - I'm SO excited!!!!! But lets not get too ahead of ourselves. It's still 90 degrees so... we have yet to be blessed with any hint of fall weather coming. Bleh.


In the meantime, lets just keep looking hot in bathing suits. 

& come stay cool in my pool ;) 


I never thought I would get into the whole 1 piece bathing suit trend. I always loved the look of a bikini, due to my skinny body type. But since trying on this 1 piece, I fell in love. Especially since the back is so low cut and the leg is so high cut, it's still super sexy without being over-the-top.

I sometimes feel like a ballerina in a leotard with this on, to be honest. Gotta stay classy!


Get the look below:

Red 1 piece bathing suit from J. Crew


&& Get ready for my next posts! Fall fashion is coming!!!! 😍

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