Happy 4th of July!

I've never really been too big on this holiday, as I always felt a bit out of place in "American" society. Growing up as an Asian American in a predominantly white town was, to say the least, a bit difficult. I always had a preconceived notion in my head that because I wasn't white, I wasn't a 'true' American. As a child, people would ask me, "Where are you from?" to which I would reply with "I'm from here". More often than not, people seemed kind of surprised to learn that I was born and raised here. The truth is, my parents immigrated here when they were in their late teens/early twenties, so a lot of the Asian culture got a bit lost in translation. I was raised in an environment that was leaning more on the American culture (it just simply can't be helped) rather than Asian, and it became more of a fusion of two very different cultures and ideals that I ultimately became the product of. You know what they say - you are a product of your environment. 

Even then, my identity issues always caused me to feel that being an American wasn't truly me, regardless of the fact that I was brought up here all my life. In my head, I talked like them, I dressed like them, I acted like them... but I didn't look like them, therefore I wasn't truly American. Now that I think back on this, I laugh at myself because I realize the ignorance in my 13-year-old logic.

The beauty of America is being able to live among such a diverse society because it allows you to expand your mind past every preconceived notion and stereotype against any race. Diversity allows you to feel compassion towards others that may not exactly look like your tribe, but may very well share a common thread with you in some other way. I mean, we're all human after all.

To be honest, at this point in my life, IDGAF about how people perceive me anymore. The reason being is because I've come to realize that all that matters is how you feel about yourself. Don't want to get sappy or cheesy, but I'm just being truthful here - There will always be people that will attempt to weigh you down, but you literally have ALL the power to rise above them. Because you're worth it. Maybe it's Maybelline.


And for my outfit deets, I'm wearing a blue and white stripey cropped jumpsuit with tie-up black suede sandals for the occasion. I figured it's a bit more subdued than the in-your-face American flag BS that most people wear (to be honest, I'm really into it). You can get the look below :)


Get the Look Here!

This is the one day in the year where you can unapologetically go all out on being an American, so do yourselves a favor and grab a Coca Cola, Budweiser, a burger, and an American flag. Let's go AMERICA.

xoxo Audrey

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