Beachy Keen


I've never felt so much more like myself in this photo. The reason being is because it is number 1 - by the sea, and number 2 - the color palette of my outfit. I've always been into a white/cream color palette, but lately I've really been feeling it... like practically every day. It evokes the feeling of a summer holiday, where you're sipping on something bubbly, somewhere far away on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

Sadly, life isn't an endless supply of sunshine and champagne, but we might as well dress like it is! Although I love me a good dress, theres really nothing like a pair of smart shorts and a blouse. In case of a zombie apocalypse, I'll be able to run away without fear of a Marilyn Monroe moment - if you get what I mean. 


I think, if you were to pair this outfit with some cream/beige colored leather sandals, it would be absolutely superb. Extra points if they're heeled sandals. In this instance, I paired this outfit with my trusty lobster canvas smoking slippers from Coach (for that zombie apocalypse of course). I'm normally not the biggest fan of Coach, but sometimes they can have some amazing shoes and clothing. And I'm not talking about the Coach you find in an outlet mall or a Macy's; I'm talking about the actual Coach store! They have completely different products in there. I gotta say, they make some really amazing leather jackets.


The shorts I have are from my trusty lovely and wonderful brand Theory. Tucked into them is a blouse from Aritzia - my favorite blouse of all time. It's just so versatile.

Over my outfit I have a linen Theory shirt dress that you've seen in the past posts. This was a quick decision I made while shooting these photos. It adds a bit of a safari feeling to the outfit.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of sunshine and champagne. I'll see you all next week with a special 4th of July post!

Get the outfit here!

Love you all,

xoxo, Audrey