Thank you mom, for giving me the courage to wear bell bottoms

My mother is one of the classiest people I know. She has always had an innate sense of fashion; her style is on the end spectrum of what I call timeless. This is truly an outfit that she would wear (like today), thus I'd like to tribute this styled look to her. 

It seems that most people here in New York wear black on a daily basis. I'm not exactly sure why, but I do try my best not to wear an all black outfit; it happens, but not often. What I do wear a lot of is white - it's my favorite color to wear. When you wear a crisp white top, especially when it is of quality fabrics/materials, you really end up looking like a million dazzling, shining bucks (or bitcoins for you select few). The white polo I am wearing is an incredible, thick neoprene (kinda like a scuba outfit), from Helmut Lang. Neoprene always ends up looking much more expensive than it actually is, which is a huge plus in my book.


Whenever I wear bellbottoms, I either end up feeling like an outdated sack of potatoes from the 70s or a supermodel. It all really comes down to the type of bell bottoms you wear. The ones I'm wearing are from Anthropologie, are made of a beautiful navy blue corduroy, and have cute button details on the ends of each leg. You also don't want too much of a flair at the ends, you want just enough to be considered bell bottoms. I also find that they help to elongate the legs and help you seem taller than you actually are.

I paired this outfit with a pair of simple black pumps, but my mom would wear black heeled booties with a pointed/almond toe. To finish off the look, I threw on a long tuxedo jacket from Silence&Noise. Also, I'm really into dainty bracelets at the moment - the ones I'm wearing here are from &OtherStories.


Black Tuxedo Jacket: Silence & Noise - Love this BCBG Jacket & This great cheaper alternative

White Neoprene Polo: Helmut Lang - Can't go wrong with a classic Ralph Lauren White Polo (Silk!)

Navy Corduroy Bell Bottoms: Anthropologie - These ASOS ones!

My Gold Bracelets: &OtherStories - Lightly Hammered Cuff & Plate Bracelet


Sorry mom.


Come back tomorrow for another post! xoxo

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