Cabin Fever: Part I


It's the time of year when we all want to hide and hibernate in our comfy little cocoons we call home. It's freezing, windy, snowy, rainy - and to be honest with you guys, I kind of don't mind it. People always give me a weird look when I tell them I like the cold. On top of being able to get all cuddly with a cup of hot chocolate, I'm all about the fashion in the winter. I live in knit sweaters (with turtlenecks, duh!), layered clothes, and warm boots. I know I'm not in the majority here; it seems that people like to flee to warmer areas of the world to escape this cold. Don't get me wrong, I love warm weather too; I'm just really in my element this time of year. Plus, this weather makes it much easier to cuddle!

So I'm really here to show you my cuddly-cozy outfit of the night (in). Firstly, put yourself in this scene: It's a Friday night, its 15 degrees out, and you just came back from a long day's work. You're tired from the week, but you're so glad to be able to relax at home. It's freezing out, and you ask yourself - should I really be going out right now? Is it really necessary for my survival? No, it's not. So you stay in with your love, watching stupid rom coms or shows about a nearly bald Jewish comedian, and drink wine, while waiting for the brownies to finish baking in the oven.


This outfit I'm showing you today is what I envision my outfit to be during this exact occasion. It's still really cute yet super comfy. You don't have to look like a couch potato to feel like a couch potato.


The knit sweater, contributed by Zara, is literally one of my favorite purchases of the year. There's something about the cut of it that makes it look so sexy, even though it really is the most modest thing you can wear. I probably wear it a little too often than I should. I love Zara for their knit sweaters; they make some really great looking modern sweaters, but you probably already knew that. I recently started shopping there again after taking a long hiatus from them (due to their quality - but they seem to have great quality knits). If you haven't shopped there in a while, go and check their site out! You'll be pleasantly surprised.


Also, this outfit is truly not complete without the classic Ugg boots (the bane of society). Alright, I probably would not be caught dead in these in public, but for lounging around in, they are absolutely perfect. I love wearing these around the house because they literally feel like big socks with soles. They are the warmest and most comfy things ever - I highly recommend!


There is nothing better than staying in and being comfy. It is literally the best thing ever. If you are always one to run around and work work work, just remember to take the time and relax tonight, tomorrow night, and every night. We work the best when our bodies and minds are not stressed - always remember that! 

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post! Come back very soon for another post :)