Dance With Me OOTD


Oh, Thursdays. I live for Thursdays. Especially a day like today, where the sun is shining and everything in the world just seems right - at least for a moment. I know I've said before that I love winter, but this winter has been much too long. I'm longing for those warm summer nights again. I can't take wearing jeans or long pants anymore, I'm sick of it. I just want to be a bronzed goddess and wear cute dresses again. Is that so hard to ask?

I'm rambling a bit.

Complete no-sequitur - but to be completely transparent with you all, since you're on this journey with me, I've been in the process of thinking of and creating even more fun and engaging content for you guys. It makes me nervous to say it in public, but I'm just going to say it. 

One of my New Year's resolutions was to finally create a Youtube channel this year. I've always loved Youtube and the idea of it, and I've literally been wanting to create YT videos basically since its conception. Honestly. I've been watching YT (embarrassingly, or not) since I was 12 years old. I've also been wanting to create videos since that age. Double the years later, and I'm finally gaining enough courage to do it. 

I'm also the type of person that gets bored of things easily and I can have a million of great ideas and projects, but never finish them. This blogging thing has been such a great outlet for me - I've never stuck with a hobby for too long, until I started doing this. I feel so motivated and dedicated to it that I know I'm destined to do this kind of thing, even if it ends up as just a hobby. I'll still be chugging along. :)


Anyway, lets just talk about what you're really here for - my OOTD!

This is the sort of outfit I'll wear on a nice spring day, where it's still slightly chilly but super sunny. My go-to thing to wear, as we transition from spring into summer, is cute white sneakers (love my pumas) with a skater skirt. It's super casual, but still really trendy enough to wear to class/work/night out. You really can't go wrong with a skater skirt and white shoes. It's got a preppy feel to it, which I absolutely adore. Honestly, I feel like the 'preppy' look is always a classic - you could totally bring this style to any decade and modify it enough to make it work.

I just love the ease and effortless-ness to this outfit. I'm not sure if I've stressed this enough, but the whole idea behind my personal style is really just 'effortless and chic'. Simple :)


I used to dance ballet for many years, up until college. I think a lot of my personal style and look is heavily rooted in this ballerina lifestyle. For example, ballerinas make their leaps, foites, releves, and piques look effortless and easy. Truthfully, they are so difficult to master that even I, a dancer of 11 years, will look like a baboon if I even dare try now. It's kinda like how I style myself - my aim is to look effortlessly put together and easily styled, but it really takes some time to really put together a cohesive look that works with what I represent.

What's great about fashion, though, is that anyone can look good - you just have to find the perfect base foundations (your elegant basics, as I like to call them) and work from there.

So yes, you need to own at least 1 black skater skirt and a pair of comfy, cute, white sneakers for this summer. I promise you, you'll look fab.

Please share any your OOTD's with me! I love to see others' personal styles. It's not only inspiring to me, but its just a good feeling to stay connected with you all :)


Here are some similar items from my outfit down below! 

As always, I'll see you guys again very soon with another post :)