Elevating Athleisure


Hey you! Hope you're doing well on this blusteringly cold day today. The snow is still laying heavy by me, but truthfully I'm ok with it because I'm all for a cozy spa night in by the fire (even if it is a virtual app on my laptop, lol). I'm currently listening to Chopin's Nocturne op.9 No.2 while writing this blog post. Give it a listen if you're feeling under the weather - it helps clear the mind and the soul ;)

Today's post is one that I have had in the docket for quite some time, so I figured today would be a better time than any other because the "athleisure" trend has been around for quite some time now. 

I love this trend, not only because the root of it is about being comfortable, but also because you can really dress it up or down, depending on where you're going and what you're doing. There's a really nice juxtaposition between wearing a casual pair of sport pants with a dressier blouse and shoes. The whole idea is to really be able to dress any athletic clothes you have to be office-ready or even ootn-ready, if you play it right.


I want to show you how I style my outfit around this pair of navv Adidas cigarette pants I got recently. It's got a really cool satin-y texture to it, and of course the stripes and zippers on both sides of the pants really add to the sporty look. I paired them with a white off-the-shoulder top with bell sleeves and my favorite Alex Wang booties. It's a look that is casual enough you can really wear out wherever; I'd even wear this for a casual night out! Throw on a black cardigan or blazer and you're ready for work.


I'm truly dreaming of warm weather with this outfit. Wear it down with a pair of white sneakers for those warmer months.



Nowadays, you can wear sneakers to work if your outfit is well-put together and fashion forward. This is the kind of outfit I would wear to work sometimes, if weather permits. It's a good balance of professional and casual (or at least I like to think so!). With a pair of heels, you can elevate this look even further if your office demands so.

I know some may think pairing black and navy is a fashion faux-pas (like black and brown), but honestly I love this combo together. Ask yourself this question: how can anything not go well with black or navy? I want to see more of it!!! 


Hope you enjoyed this casual look, and hopefully it somehow triggers warmer weather for us to wear these outfits again!! :D

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