Fall Lookbook: I


Welcome to the first installment of my fall fashion look book! Now, while it's still almost 100 degrees here in NYC, it's still September - my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, it's also the start of the fall season - meaning back-to-school, PSL, layers, and beautiful colors in nature. I don't know of any other season that is quite possibly as perfect as fall. 

It can be quite difficult to plan outfits during transitional weather like this. One day its 90 degrees and the next it can be 65. For this specific outfit I've styled today, I wanted to create a more casual look that is perfect for this kind of weather. I find that wearing flow-y, silky, long sleeved blouses during the fall months is totally the way to go. It's not knitwear, so you don't have to be afraid of getting too hot, but it's also long-sleeved so you don't get too cold. You can honestly wear this to the office (and more appropriate with some heels or booties!), on a casual date, for the day on weekends, etc.


I styled this cute striped silk top with white high-waisted skinny jeans and blue satin slip-on shoes. It's really crazy how a pair of shoes can dictate whether or not your outfit is more dressy or casual. With heels or booties, you can really elevate this outfit for a different look.


Get the look below!



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