Gold Rush


Have you ever heard of the quote: "Gold is money. Everything else is just credit." ? Quoted by J. P. Morgan, he surely knew a thing or two about the value and beauty of gold. Its value surely holds true, but to be honest, I am just a huge fan of gold jewelry. Whether you're in the market for real gold or inexpensive alternative to gold, I'll be giving you a little bit of insight on where to get some great pieces that are trendy, classic, and most importantly, well-made. The best part is - all of these pieces are super affordable (yes, even the solid gold ones).


I have been collecting these dainty gold rings for quite some time now (with the help of my friend who has introduced me to them - you know who you are!). Slowly, I've been growing my collection of solid gold rings. Since it's solid gold, I can wear them every day without the fear of any tarnishing; I even wear them in the shower and when I'm working out. I hardly ever take them off, so they really are daily staple accessories that go with all my outfits.

Most of my rings come from the company called Catbird NYC, which are located in Brookyln, NY. They're a smaller brand but their rings are so extremely affordable, you can totally find something within your price range. There are so many different styles of stacking rings to choose from - like the threadbare, the twisted, the hammered, and I could keep going on and on but you can just visit Here. The rings range from 14k-18k gold, depending on the style you choose. You can find the rings I have here:

Left Ring Finger: Classic Hammered Gold Ring

Left Middle Top Ring: Twisted Stacker Ring

Left Middle Bottom Ring: Vidhi Dattani

Left Index Finger: Twisted Stacker Ring


Right Index Finger: Threadbare Ring

Right Middle Top Ring: Sweet Nothing Ring

Right Middle Bottom Ring: Threadbare Rose Gold Ring

Right Ring Finger: Mignon Memory Ring


I also want to talk about my bracelets for a second here. I'm in love with these bracelets at the moment; I wear them all the time! They're minimalistic and simple, and go with all of my outfits. Unfortunately they're not solid gold, but they are still going strong (and it has been over 3 months since I got them). 

The top cuff bracelet is from &OtherStories - you can Buy Me Here, and the bottom circle bracelet is from Banana Republic (seriously!!) - you can Buy A Better Alternative Here and Support Small Businesses!


It's so great when a company has good quality packaging. Beautiful packaging is one of, if not the most important things that make a company go from "good" to "amazing". Catbird even includes some cute, special touches such as the notepad, pen, matches, and even a transfer tattoo. It makes opening the package that much more special.

Thanks Catbird!!


This next ring is a recent addition to my collection. It is a special made-to-order ring that was created by a wonderfully talented and creative person named Vidhi Dattani. So far, she is just starting up her business, but there is really something special about her pieces. Maybe it's the fact that she's personally making you a piece of jewelry, which therefore has some other type of "value" to it other than monetary. 

And can you believe that she also does calligraphy?! The card she wrote me was also hand done by her - like I said, its the little details that really make something go from "good" to "amazing". Please check out her Instagram here if you want a custom ring yourself! Please support smaller businesses!



This next piece of jewelry is from the company Mejuri. I've always loved Mejuri for their beautiful designs and fair pricing. From solid gold to gold vermeil, you can find amazing jewelry for your budget! Can you guess the running theme here? This necklace is exactly what I'm obsessed with right now: minimalistic and simple, yet trendy. It is from the Balance Collection, designed in collaboration with Arden Rose (love love love), and to be honest, I am extremely impressed with the quality of this jewelry! Even though it is gold vermeil, it feels substantial and has a weightiness that is unparalleled to solid gold.


I love opening packages - especially if the packaging design is gooood. This necklace comes in a suede black pouch, inside a magnetized white box with a black ribbon tied in a bow. Ugh, presentation is just key here.


If you would like this necklace, please Buy Me Here!


Come back soon for another post ;)