The Iconic Shirtdress


There are those days where you could hardly get up in time to do your makeup, let alone brush your hair. You feel sluggish and lazy (like I feel today, BLEH), but you're not the type to look like a slob, in any sense, so you reluctantly grab the most casual dress in your closet. It's days like these that make me want to kiss the genius (at their feet, no less) that created the shirtdress. You all know how I love "effortless chic" - things such as jumpsuits and dresses that you can literally throw on without much effort or thought. I think the shirtdress goes a step further in this way because of how iconic and versatile it is. Like a good pair of jeans, you can dress up or down the iconic shirtdress. 


Quick history lesson, if you care to know: It was due to the economic recession, after World War II, that stopped women from paying attention to fashion and style. As a result, clothing was thought of as a practical necessity instead of something that was meant to be fashionable. It wasn't until 1947 when the well celebrated designer Christian Dior launched a new style of women's dresses that were inspired by a man's classic collared shirt. This style immediately became popular in the 1950's. Initially, it was called the shirtwaist, and it was pretty much a fluffy look skirt attached to a collared shirt. Ultimately, more and more celebrities started wearing this, and it became a widespread trend that evolved throughout the years as the idea of 'femininity' evolved in parallel. Go equality for all women & men!!!!

And here we are; here's a modern shirtdress. 

The one I have on is a beige linen one from Theory. They're becoming my favorite brand more and more lately. I'm in love with their stuff, even though they're crazy expensive for no reason :( But the cuts and styles they have look so great on my skinny stick of a body, that sometimes they're just worth it. I thought it would be perfect to pair them with my Coach canvas smoking slippers to really play into the casualness of this outfit.


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That's all for now :) Ciao ciao