Knit Life & PSL's


Red flag or dealbreaker: The person your dating wears knit sweaters all year round. Yes, even in summer. (If you know where this is from, I love you)

For me, it’s neither. If you know me already, I’m a HUGE fan of knit anything, especially sweaters. I own quite too many white/cream/ivory colored sweaters and to be honest, if I could wear sweaters like this all year round, I totally would.


Clearly, I’m in my element with the cooler weather coming. I’m a chronically hot-blooded human, so summer is HELL on earth for me. So any reason for me to start channeling my fall fashion garb is seriously what I’ve been put in this world for. Dramatic, but semi-true.

The other day, I ordered a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks and taking that first sip was like drinking a pot of gold. It’s little moments like this that make me feel SO warm and fuzzy inside. I’m not basic tho OK - I just really like autumnal spices.

But you know what I’m talking about- when you smell or taste something that brings you back to a time when life was just simple and care-free. That’s exactly how I feel when I take that first sip of PSL for the season. It floods back happy memories of back-to-school and seeing friends you haven’t seen since the last semester.

Oh, how I love fall :)


My outfit today channels that “back-to-school” vibe. It’s cute and school-friendly, and totally effortless. I paired an A-line black knit skirt with a white knit cropped sweater from Topshop, and over that an oversized jean jacket from Carmar. For shoes, I have the knit Zara booties I bought from the Fall collection. & the saddle brown leather crossbody is from Massimo Duti! (Super affordable!!)

Get the look below :)