Laganini & Chill


Hello everyone!!!!!! Who's excited for a new post???

Its been much too long since my last post. Seriously - three weeks without a blog post and it feels like an eternity has gone by. I'm not going to be basic and apologize for my absence; instead, I'm going to tell you about all the incredible things that happened to me when I took time to recharge and do the things I wanted to do.

Not to say that I DON'T want to blog, on the contrary. All I want to do is blog (like, for the rest of my life). For many months, I gave myself way too many responsibilities and deadlines that, while I didn't realize it at the time, really beat me down and reduced me to extreme stress, anxiety, and shall I say it - depression. While I was doing normal adult things - like going to my day job, maintaining a home, prepping for a college course, and all the little things in between, blah blah blah - I was also thinking of new ideas for blog posts, creating content, taking and editing photos within my free time. And while all of this might not seem like a lot to you, it really ran me down over time. I wasn't happy with my life. I felt stuck. And then there was my 2 week-long vacation to Europe. 

I came back a changed woman. Dramatic, I know. But the thing that really resonated with me was truly understanding and living out the calm, relaxed atmosphere that is inherent in many European cultures, which permeates through the cities. Let me preface this by saying that I'm, by nature, type A. But there came a point in my life where I was getting 5 hours of sleep on average ( and I'm only 24 wtf), getting irritated over every little thing, and this pushed me to realize that I needed to change something in my life. 

So I took this European sensibility of "laganini" and "chill" and brought it back to me to lovely, wonderful New York City, where type A's reign. And it made me realize how lucky I was to live this life here. And when you think life is just too much, it truly is - but only because you make it too much to begin with. So just laganini and hang out here a while :)


While on the topic of chill, I figured it would be appropriate to show you this dress from the Carli Bybel x Missguided collection. I feel like this kind of dress is perfect for summer/fall date nights that are a bit cooler where you'd need some long sleeves. What I love about it is that it's super sexy without being too provocative or showing too much skin. You can bet your ass that I wore this in Europe ;)

I paired this dress with a pair of black suede Saint Laurent Grace sandals that I absolutely love & my trusty Louis Vuitton Favorite MM bag in Damier Azur.


Get the look below!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog post of the month! I'll see you next week with another post ;) Ciao! xoxoxoxo

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