Lounge With Me: OOTD


Happy Super Bowl Sunday guys! I know this day is an important part of being a true American, but honestly my favorite part of today is the fact that we're allowed to just hang out in comfy clothes, drink beer and eat wings. America.

I wanted to share with you a quick little post on what I'll be wearing today while lounging out at home (whether or not I'm watching the Super Bowl) in the hopes of inspiring you all to lounge out and be comfy with me!


There are days that I wear a sports bra and sweat pants around my apartment, especially if I have no plans to do anything. The one I'm wearing in these photos is obviously from Calvin Klein. You can purchase them here:

Calvin Klein Bralette

Calvin Klein Bikini

On top of that, I love wearing flowy throw-on cardigans. The one I'm wearing is from DKNY. Have you seen their stuff lately? I love where they are going with their brand right now. They've got some really great clothing with clean, modern lines and it totally speaks to our generation and society at the moment. I think I may be falling in love.

Check them out here: DKNY


The track suit is from Adidas - clearly. I know many of you probably have a track suit yourselves, but they are honestly amazing to lounge in. At this point, I don't care how basic I may look in them. They're too comfy to NOT wear :)


I'm officially ready for bed. I hope you enjoyed this quick & comfy Sunday OOTD, and happy Super Bowl! See you all very soon with another blog post!

xoxo Audrey