Missguided x Fenty


You're all probably wondering - Audrey, this is NOT your style. In a way, you're absolutely right, it's not my style. But lets get real - have I ever said no to a jumpsuit?? They're my thing, and I'm really digging this one from Missguided at the moment. I especially love the red & white side stripes on this one. It's so much more casual and wearable with sneakers. 

Also I just want to say that I had so much fun shooting this outfit! Even though its not exactly 100% my style, it was so fun to be able to expand my wardrobe a little and go outside of my fashion comfort zone. I always thought side slit popper jumpsuits were too trend-driven, but honestly wearing this outfit was so comfortable and casual. And that's really the most important thing I always stress in fashion. Stay comfy y'all.


The Sneakerhead culture is real. I can totally understand it, but I've never really had the desire to be a part of it. Although I have to say, after wearing these insane Fenty Puma sneakers, I have a feeling I'm going to want more. Oops.

And if you're really into Puma like I am, grab these sneakers while they're on sale now for literally more than 50% off!!! See more deets down below :)


Get the look here!



Also, gotta check out the cool artist that created this wall art on insta: @rubin415

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