Happy New Year 2019


Happy new year to you!!!

Before we start tonight’s festivities, let’s take a moment to reflect on our year’s accomplishments & the happiness we felt throughout. Last year, I wrote about how 2018 should be the year we want to start new hobbies or get better at something we’ve been doing. It’s kind of insane how quickly this year went by, but honestly I’m GLAD. I’ll be the first to admit that 2018 was not the best year I’ve ever had, but at the same time, it gives me hope that 2019 can’t be worse than 2018, I suppose!

Ever just sit back and wonder, “How has time escaped me? What the hell am I doing???” Yup, I’m feeling it IRL ATM, and it’s giving me a lot of motivation to think about my future and where and who I truly want to be in the next 5 years. I guess this is kind of a loosey-goosey interpretation of a New Year’s resolution, but all I’m saying is to take the time to sit and reflect, in order to make amends and adjustments to your journey of life to make your future even brighter. Cheesy, I know. But honestly we all have to do it in some way or another, and at some point in our lives. So you might as well do it now - but not for too long, because you gotta read the rest of my blog post.


My New Year’s resolution this year is to be more in tuned with my inner self. This means being self aware about the things I’m doing and saying, and if anything I’m doing or saying goes against my inner self, then I should probably cut it out of my life. This year is all about understanding myself to my inner core in order to find meaning in my life. WIthout meaning, we run around like chickens without heads. I also don’t want to get to a point where I’m having a mid-life crisis. No thanks!

Anyway, I’d like to hear what your NYE plans and resolutions are! In the meantime, check out what I’m going to wear for tonight’s festivities ;)


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I hope you all have the most wonderful New Year and please have a drink on me :)

Love you all lots, xoxo