Prep Ain't Dead


Remember, back in 2005, when the preppy look was an actual trend? I think most of you reading know exactly what I’m talking about. I was only a pre-teen back then, but I remember the powerful age of Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo by Ralph Lauren, and Hollister (and omg, you can’t forget Ruehl No. 925!!). The “2005 prep” look was defined by a brightly colored polo shirt from one of these three brands and either ripped denim jeans or a mini skirt in denim, camel, or navy (never black). What gave you extra prep points was layering a polo on top of another for the double colored collar effect. When I think back to that now, all I can think of is trying to hold in my vomit from escaping my esophagus. Luckily trends come and go, but what’s left of them is what really matters.

In this modern day, we borrow elements from all the passing trends and use them to recreate looks in a more minimalistic and effortless way. Screw that maximalism trend – it’ll never last! My experience with fashion so far is to always keep the class in your style – regardless of what your individual style is. For example: You’re boho chic? Throw on a wool peacoat! You’re a scene hipster? A slim fit linen shirt can do you no harm! Seriously, the mixing of trendy elements with classic elements will ultimately make you the best modern version of yourself.


Although we’ve had some beautiful weather recently, it seems like we’ve taken a step back today. It’s rainy and a bit chilly, which is insane given I was in a bikini, poolside, 3 days ago. So I figured I would put together this outfit today; partly to feed my own nostalgia, and partly because it was freaking chilly as hell by the dock we took this photo on.

My navy wool peacoat is from Reiss (last season); Reiss has some of the most beautiful coats ever. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for one. My v-neck sweater is from Brandy Melville, over a microstripe blue ruffled blouse I found at TJ Maxx. The gold choker I have on is from Madewell. My camel highwaisted shorts are from Theory, and the finishing touch is, of course, a canvas smoking slipper with lobsters on them from Coach. 

When putting this outfit together, I was channeling my inner prep (it’s always been there) with the feeling and aura from the cute little seaside towns in New England. I think they literally call it “New England Prep”. While visiting Rhode Island, in particular, I was interested to see how the style differs there compared to here in NYC. While NE Prep implies “old money” and “wealth”, I see it more as inspirational design cues to a many-generations-old fashion statement.

I really love the idea of translating an old and stuffy fashion style to a more modern and fast-paced one – one where I can literally wear on the streets of New York without looking like an absolute douche. Although, lets be real… there is so much individuality in NYC that virtually no one really looks like a fool. That’s the beauty of such a globalized area – there is just so much fashion inspiration everywhere you look and I absolutely adore it 😊

Get the look below!


Enjoy the rest of your week/end and I'll see you guys next week ;) 



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