The Silk Life (OOTN)


Oh, the silk pajama. One of the classic icons of the bourgeois, lavish elitists of the twenty first century. Fortunately for us, and our capitalistic society, we don't need to pay an arm and a leg to look like a million bucks in our satiny pajamas. I'm a huge fan of silk anything, but there is nothing like getting into a pair of fresh, silky, and comfortable pj's after a luxurious bath or shower. Maybe it's just me, but I revel in the thought. It's the little things that count right?

I'm really here to show you my favorite pajamas - all different styles, colors, and occasions. This first pair of pj's is a regal blue set with long sleeves and pants - perfect for colder nights. The quality of the fabric and the cut of this pair really make a hell of a difference. It's satin, but a good quality satin that doesn't feel scratchy to the touch, and feels incredibly soft and slinky on the skin. It is perfect for a comfortable (albeit a bit bougie) night's rest. I probably wear these the most at this point in the year, as it's incredibly cold atm. Can you tell how much I love them in the photos?


Royal Blue Satin PJ's - Ralph Lauren - Buy the updated 2017 version here!


This next pajama set is a little more subdued for the casual sleepwear kind of human. I also wear these a lot because even though it's winter time, I'm a warm sleeper so I'm usually always kicking the covers off in the middle of the night.

Black silk pj's are a classic. They look good on literally any human shape, size, and form. There's also trendy light pink sport piping along the side of the pants which give this set a little something extra for those who don't want boring solid colored pj's. The ruching on the front of the spaghetti strap top also adds a cute element to this otherwise plain top.

I purchased this set at Victoria's Secret - they have a great selection of cute pajamas in different types of fabrics, if you're not into the silk/satin variety. Again - the quality of the fabric is the most important here, as you're sleeping 7+ hours in them, and I find that VS really do some great quality pajamas at a super affordable price point.


Black Satin Spaghetti Strap Top - Victoria's Secret - Buy Me Here!

Black Satin Pajama Pants - Victoria's Secret - Buy An RL Alternative Here!


And for variety's sake, I had to add in a pink satin slip into this mix. For the nights where you feel like channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe circa 1950, a slinky, satin night gown like this is a great modern alternative to the more antiquated lace-adorned slip worn in that era. There is minimal lace on the top part of the slip, but even with my sensitive skin it is comfortable enough for me to sleep in.

This is obviously the sort of pj that you should wear in the warmer months, or if you have a really warm room/bed. It is also so much better than wearing a raggedy old t-shirt and shorts (don't worry, I used to wear this every night). It just makes me feel just the slightest bit more luxurious and comfortable at home. Again, it's the little things that count!!

I've contemplated wearing this out as a dress because it is so incredibly cute and feminine, but I'm not confident there is enough fabric to cover my bottom. I guess I'm on the hunt for the perfect satin slip dress - time to go shopping!


Pink Satin Slip - Victoria's Secret - Buy Me Here!


Thanks so much for reading! I'll see you soon for another blog post :)