Casual Saturday

Weekends are my "casual" days. I'm usually running around, doing errands, on Saturday mornings. I'm also usually so tired from my work week that I don't give too much thought or effort on my outfit. However, you'll always catch me wearing a pair of skinny jeans on the weekends. That, paired with a simple top, and I'm out the door. The top I'm wearing is an incredible 100% silk blouse that is super flowy and oversized; so it's just easy and honestly makes you look less of a bum than if you were to wear a raggedy old t-shirt. 

Ok fine, I love wearing t-shirts on the weekends. The point is, if you have stuff to do and you need to look semi-presentable, wearing a flowy oversized top is just an easy solution. The silk blouse is from a brand called Alysi - a small Italian company. I had bought it in a small boutique in NYC, but I wish it had more traction in the US because I would be all over it! It is well priced for the incredible quality of clothing. 


Although this outfit may seem quite spring/summery (due to the colors), I actually like wearing light clothing in Fall/Winter. I'm not sure who made the rule of not wearing white after Labor day, but I've never really been one to follow fashion rules anyway. I love wearing white jeans in the fall/winter. You have the chance to stand out (in a good way) and, paired with a beautiful wool coat, you can look absolutely fabulous. The coat I have on is from Theory - they are probably one of my favorite brands of ALL TIME. I can always go into their stores and find something that I like. Their styles and designs are so modern, yet classic. Love love love.

This isn't a typical go-to outfit for me, but I still love how it came together! The boots I have on are so perfect and extremely versatile - I feel like everyone should have a pair of their own. Plus, they are sooo comfortable. I feel more comfortable wearing these than any flat shoes I own. It's weird, but true.

You all need to own a pair :)


Navy Wool Fedora: Buy Me Here!

Melange Gray Wool Coat: Theory - BUY ME HERE!

Blue Silk Blouse: Alysi - This black top from Free People is Bomb

White Cropped Skinny Jeans: Joe's Jeans - Buy Me Here

Black Pointed Leather Booties: Topshop - BUy Me Here!

Wallet Crossbody Bag: Prada

Necklace: COS - This is such a cool alternative

Gold Bangle Bracelet: J. Crew - Buy Me Here

Come back tomorrow for the final installment of the week-long look book launch :) xoxo