Walking In The Woods


Today is a fabulous day. Why? Because it's Thursday! Meaning, its bloggie day!

Meaning, you get to feast your eyes on this outfit:


I'm showcasing my new-ish purchase of my lovely Fendi Dotcom Click bag. I've been wanting this bag since it came out, and I've finally been able to grab a hold of it. Have you ever come across a bag that is pretty much the holy grail of all bags? This is how I feel with the Dotcom. It's not only perfect in size, design-wise it is timeless and goes with anything. You can wear it on your shoulder with a shorter chain, or as a crossbody with a longer chain. There are 2 zipper compartments, as well as a removable clutch on the inside with yet another zipper compartment. It's literally perfect. I'd love to know your holy grail bag down below.


Of course, you know me and my jumpsuits. I can't live without em. I paired this stripey number with my trusty Gucci white patent leather sandals I bought while in Milan about 2 years ago. The crappy part about white patent leather is that it tends to discolor over time :( Does anyone know a way around this?!


Doesn't this path look so ethereal? Unfortunately my camera doesn't seem to do this trail justice. It was so so pretty IRL with the petals on the floor. Imagine petals falling past you everywhere you go. Dreamy.

Get the look below!

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