Christmas is just around the corner!

That means a lot of scrambling to get those last minute gifts wrapped and put under the tree. On top of thinking of great gifts to get your loved ones, I know that gift wrapping can end up feeling like a chore instead of something that's fun and festive. We all would love to buy that 3-pack of wrapping paper, throw some tape on there, and call it a day. While that may sound easy, it's not exactly the most cheery way to celebrate the act of gift-giving. So I'm hoping to get the Scrooge out of you, and inspire you to put more thought into your holiday gift wrapping. Ultimately, it will add more thought and personalization into the person you are giving your gift to!

It seems that Christmas has become more of a materialistic holiday than anything else; we all make wish-lists of what we want rather than what we want to give back. Personally, I love giving gifts to my loved ones. If it were my choice, I would much rather get gifts for people instead of the other way around. And, I know it's weird, but I actually love wrapping gifts. There's something so therapeutic and relaxing about it, especially when I am listening to some classical or holiday music. I make it an event for myself, just so that I'm more into the spirit of Christmas and the holidays (it is so much more enjoyable this way - you all have to try it).

IMG_5337_EDITED copy.jpg

So to actually enjoy this gift wrapping event, you must first buy some sick wrapping paper. The only wrapping paper I buy every year is this beautiful metallic foil paper. They're inexpensive, striking, and make your Christmas tree look amazing and well decorated. On top of that, people seem to ooh and ahh over this wrapping paper - it just looks so good!! They come in many different metallic colors - like green blue, gold, silver, white, and red - and you can find them at Home Goods. I love Home Goods (kind of obsessed). They really have some unique gift wrap supplies, bags, and pretty much all of your holiday decor needs.

IMG_5343_EDITED copy.jpg

So this next step is to get all of your embellishments for your presents! Most people would just stop at wrapping paper and maybe a ribbon or two, but the thing that will really wow your family and friends are cool festive ornaments. I usually buy a whole bunch of these ornaments to wrap onto the front of the ribbon of the gift. Not only does it look super awesome, it adds a bit of a personal touch to your gifts which your friends and family will definitely appreciate. The bells and tags are from Home Goods, the pinecone/fir bouquets are from Dollar Tree, and the glass ornaments are from Michaels. 

Now, all you have to do is wrap your gift with some ribbon of your choice, add whatever ornament you want on the center of the gift, complete with a name tag and whatever else you want to put on there.

Voila, it's that easy. See below for the completed gifts and hopefully you're a bit more inspired to put more effort into your holiday gift wrapping. Your friends and family will love you for it :)


I would love to know how you all wrap your gifts. Do you have any holiday/Christmas traditions you do with your family? Let me know in the comments below!


Come back very soon for my long-awaited apres ski post ;)

xoxo, Audrey