Hi everyone!  We made it! It's Friday! We're 3 days away from Christmas, and that means we are all gearing up for some incredibly fun festivities this weekend. What's a better way to start it off than with my long-awaited après-ski
blog post? So I put together a little list of my "Do's and Don'ts" of après-ski for you all to enjoy. I hope you all enjoy this fun and lighthearted post. I had a really fun time putting this one together! :)


DO: Get your first tracks in, that way you will have a reason to deserve your après-ski activities.

DON'T: Stay in a lodge that doesn't have a hot tub. Outdoor gets you extra credit.

DO: Share a beer with some awesome new friends you met at the summit lodge overlooking the mountain.

DON'T: Sweat. Or you die.


DON'T: Forget to shower after your successful day on the mountain.

DO: Have an early dinner in the village. That way you'll have more time for après!

DON'T: Forget to pack your bathing suit.

DO: Bring lots of drinks and friends to the hot tub. Relax. Rilassarsi. Se détendre. Laganini.

DON'T: Drink too much wine or champagne in a hot tub, unless you're making a mimosa. If so, make me one.


DO: Follow up your hot tub session with a quick sauna session.

DON'T: Stay in the sauna for too long. 10-15 minutes tops.

DO: Stretch, drink water, stretch some more.

DON'T: Fall asleep. Lol. If it gets too unbearable, gtfo of there!!

DO: Get inside. Eat a snack by the fire. Shower. Sleep like you just earned a doctorate degree.


first tracks-01.png

DO: Bring cash on the mountain for those ridiculously addicting crack waffles they sell.