Current State of the Union


It's the start of the year and we're all figuring out ways to phase out what is out, and what is bad in our lives, for something new and good. It's best to start out our year with a clean slate, in order to complete our New Year's resolutions, and the first step is to figure out what you can keep and what you need to throw away in your life.

Believe it or not, I've been keeping a journal of my personal current state of the union's, since I was in high school, as a way to remind myself to always go forward and never backward. Although it's really more of a silly and fun thing to do, it's also a way to realize what is in your best interests at this moment in your life, such as what you're passionate about, what you enjoy doing, and what you can do without. It helps to be able to compartmentalize them on paper.

So paying tribute to Trump's State of the Union that happened recently, I would like to share with you my current SOTU (this isn't meant to be satirical - just fun and lighthearted).

Also - if you know where I'm referencing this "Current State of the Union" from - please comment down below! I would be very very very surprised if any of you know where I got this idea from! 😂 


Hope you enjoy!


Audrey's Current State of the Union:



Audrey for President 2052?



Thanks for reading! Come back very soon for another blog post.

xoxo Audrey