Brekkie For One.


I've got to be honest with you - I have a love-hate relationship with breakfast. It's rare that I wake up starving and ready to eat; in fact, I actually have a hard time stomaching anything early in the morning. It normally takes a good 30 minutes to an hour before I have an appetite to eat (I know some of you out there are feeling me on this...). I'm also not the biggest fan of sweet things in the morning (or rarely ever). Pancakes, waffles, french toast - quintessential American breakfast foods - rarely ever do it for me. I've always been more of a salty food type of gal, so on a normal morning, when I'm struggling to get out the apartment before I'm late for work, I normally make myself a quick avo toast.

However, on the days I have time to leisurely make myself a solid breakfast, I take the time to prepare myself the avo-toast with cut up tomatoes (honestly obsessed with this combo), and a side of fruit. Today I'm having some mixed berries. Also, if we're talking leisurely here, I love making an authentic Italian macchinetta espresso. If you're into coffee like I am, you'd understand that the flavor of this type of coffee is just unparalleled. 


Since we're on the topic of unparalleled flavors - Have you ever had avocado toast with rye bread? Once I tried this combo, I've never been able to go back to regular bread. I've gone through loaves and loaves of rye already- I'm so in love with it. If you're usually the one to reach for the white bread variety, I say you put it down and try some rye. You will love it. Ok, ending my rye plug here.


On top of using colorful foods for that insta-worthy flick, using cute and interesting tableware is important as well. I've always loved the look of handmade ceramic. There is something so lovely and intimate about the imperfections in the ceramic ware; it's like the artist put their impression, love, and personal touch on each of the pieces. In turn, I find the imperfections to actually enhance the overall look of the ceramic ware. I also chose to use black silverware in this case, as it gives a nice Scandinavian/minimalistic feel against the white-washed oak table. 

It's a simple back drop to an even more simple and delicious brekkie for the person who does not like a large brekkie to begin with. Enjoy!


Come back soon for another blog post! :)


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