Welcome to Audrre Lifestyle!

Welcome to my very first lifestyle blog post! I'm so excited to be launching this side of the blog, and what a way to start it off with one of my favorite things: food. I want to start off with food, because well, that is something that we all have in common! Who doesn't love food? Especially when it's plated amazingly. 

I'm one of those people that eat with their eyes first. I'm a highly visual person; if I see well-thought out color and composition on my plate, I'm more likely to think it was a good tasting meal. I understand how this whole psychological food thing works, ok.

So, here is my first installment of a series of posts that I would like to call "Instagram-Worthy Breakfasts". I will be showing you what I like to eat come breakfast time, and how you can make yours Instagram-worthy as well :)



I thought I would start off this series with an easy one! I love eating fruit in the morning. That, combined with a carb (that would be the blueberry muffin here) and you have a super easy, healthy, and filling breakfast. One huge rule of thumb that I like to use is to always balance out your plate with something green, whether it be a veggie (for lunch/dinner) or a fruit (like the breakfast above). One of my favorite fruits ever ever ever is starfruit. It's categorized as a citrus but it crunches more like an apple or pear. It's fabulous. 

Raspberries and blueberries are an easy choice, as they can easily be popped in your mouth (bite-sized food are my thing), and look great as they add so much needed color into the mix. And throw in some grapefruit juice, because it is my favorite juice. Also you can't forget the coffee; I can't function without coffee. If you're serving, you can heighten/fancify the breakfast a bit more with a separate milk jug and sugar pot so everyone can stir to their liking. Throw in some relevant magazines and flowers, and you can start instagramming some amazing breakfasts of champions yourselves.

This is the sort of breakfast I have when I need to feel light, like before a workout or in this case, before skiing.


Do you want to know what I'm up to for apres-ski? Stay tuned for a post next week :)