Cheap & Chic: Fabulous Finds For Your Apartment


If you happen to know the true essence of me, you would know that I am obsessed with interior design (really). Before moving in to my apartment, I created (drafted and 3D modeled) floor plans of the space with all of the furniture in it. To most, this may seem a bit extra, but to the select few, I know you totally understand me. One of the most important things to me is being able to live in a comfortable and beautiful environment. My home is my oasis, my haven, and I really try to keep the thought of "comfort" and "fabulous" in mind when designing my spaces.

The most challenging part of moving into a new home is finding really great and cohesive furniture and decorative pieces at an inexpensive price point. For 2 months, I scoured the web and retail stores to find the perfect pieces for my apartment that wouldn't break the bank. Thus, I'm here to share with you my favorite parts of my apartment and hopefully give you some great inspiration for your next re-design!

Photo above & below: These Eames-esque royal blue velvet chairs are the coolest pop of color in my mostly neutral palette. I found them on Amazon (BUY ME HERE) for the most insane price ever ($170 for 4 chairs). They came with ugly fake woodgrain metal legs, but I actually ended up spray painting them in a satin black and also painted the gold tips on the bottoms of each leg as an added design detail. They are seriously the most comfortable chairs - I highly recommend them. The table is a repurposed solid oak table, and was hand-painted white. Brass pin-legs were then attached to the wooden top, giving it a Scandinavian feel to it.

To be even more thrifty, most of the art in the floating photo frames were created by me and then printed out on a laser printer. What's great about this is that you can keep changing the themes of the artwork every so often to freshen up the look of the space. The floating frames were purchased at Michael's. 


White plates and bowls are the best if you want to stay classy, trust me. Also, I'm in love with this black silverware; against the white-washed table, it looks so clean and on-trend. From Artisanal Kitchen Supply, you can buy them HERE!



Next up is my living room area. I searched high and low for the perfect dresser/tv stand combo. Since I live in a smaller apartment, I figured buying a dresser as the TV stand was perfect for maximizing space. On top of being extremely picky with my dressers, I was also on the tightest budget ever. I luckily found something from Target (I know right!) that looked decent enough and went well with the space. Unfortunately, the quality leaves much to be desired, since it is made of particleboard, but I must say it looks way more expensive than it actually is. I bought 2 and put them side by side. You can buy them HERE.

Also, I love using coffee table books as decorative items. They look incredible but they also serve as a functional item as well. Functional decor is the best kind of decor.


Another space-saving tip is using an ottoman as both an extra seat (for when you have a lot of company over) and also as a coffee table (with a tray on top). 

I think this ottoman might be my favorite thing in my entire apartment. It's perfect for smaller spaces and it just looks so beautiful and modern; I'm obsessed. You can buy it at West Elm. The clear lucite tray was found on Amazon, as well as the cute house tissue cover

I also love the idea of placing a cocktail book on a coffee table; when you're entertaining guests, you can have them choose what they want from the book and you instantly become the best host ever. I promise you.


Love art but can't afford it? Paint it yourself! When I find a piece of art that I absolutely adore, I create a version of my own. It's not only cost-saving, it's a rewarding feeling once you finish your masterpiece.

Love designer furniture but can't afford it? Go for a reproduction version! Buy me here!


I hope you all enjoyed my home tour! Come back soon for another post! ;)