How-To: Chocolate Easter Nests


Happy Early Easter guys! I hope you're all doing well - it's just 1 more day til the weekend; we got this.

I'm so excited to be showing you a super easy and simple DIY treat for this coming Easter Sunday. I've been making these every year, and they always somehow put a smile on people's faces. This is especially great to make with younger kids as well, such as your younger sisters/brothers or children, as it is just so simple, fun, and super cute. You probably already know how to make it just by looking at the photos, but I'm going to be showing you guys a step-by-step process anyway :)


So here are all the ingredients you're going to need:

- Cadbury Mini Eggs
- Small baking cups
- (2) Chocolate baking bars (whatever type you prefer - I went with a mix of semi-sweet and milk)
- Shredded wheat cereal

This yields about 24 small chocolate nests.


You're going to want to melt your chocolate bars. The way I did it was with the double boiler method, which is the most surefire way to not burn your chocolate. You can click on the link down below for a tutorial on

If you're feeling extra saucy and chef-y, you can even temper the chocolate for a smoother, shinier finish.


This is my double boiler method - it's literally putting a heat-safe bowl over a pot of boiling water and melting the chocolate in this way.


While the chocolate is in the process of melting, you're going to want to take a full bowl of shredded wheat cereal and crush it with a fork (or your hands) until it starts looking a bit like long pieces of sawdust. Remember to stir the chocolate occasionally in between crushing the cereal.



Once your chocolate is melted and smooth, take it off of the heat and add the crushed shredded wheat.


Keep mixing until all of the shredded wheat is coated in the chocolate.


Like this.


Take your small baking cups and open them a bit before you start spooning in the chocolate-shredded wheat mixture. I suggest using a small spoon for this.


Then, with the tip of the spoon, start to shape a small cavity in the center of the chocolate for the mini eggs.


These Cadbury mini eggs are such an Easter classic.


All you have to do then is add your eggs in the cavity of the chocolate cups you made, and then you're done!


I hope you guys enjoyed this cute little chocolate DIY post. Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of blog posts, as I can totally do more! If you have any suggestions for future posts, as always, leave them in the comments below.

Have a wonderful Easter / Passover and I'll be seeing you veryyyy soon for another post ;)

Ciao for now!