L Room Cafe

“Strawberry Milk” made from, you guessed it, fresh crushed strawberries and whole milk, displayed in the cutest bear jar (that looks like those squeezable jars of honey). Yum.

“Strawberry Milk” made from, you guessed it, fresh crushed strawberries and whole milk, displayed in the cutest bear jar (that looks like those squeezable jars of honey). Yum.

What’s up everyone :)

While I’m not the biggest dessert girl (I more prefer salty foods), I really wanted to do something a little different today and talk about a new hot dessert place that just opened up on 14th St in NYC. I found this gem while scrolling Yelp trying to find some new restaurants to try. I’m not normally one to try out new places just for the “instagram-worthy” factor, but for some reason, LRoom Cafe caught my eye.

For starters, the desserts look INSANELY amazing. Not only are they colored beautifully, they’re plated with so much care and design intention that I’d almost rather look at them for an hour than eat them.

Some desserts from LRoom, courtesy of Yelp.

On the menu are things like “The Apple” which is described as a “ganache jamaican pepper, fresh apple jelly cubes” (whatever that means), “Wonderland egg waffles”, and “Lavender Peach Ade” which is an infusion captured in a beautiful concoction of punchy bright colors and flavors.

Because of how insanely attractive and Instagrammable these desserts are, I’ve been seeing them pop up everywhere on my feed and online. So of course, I had to trek out to 14th street (and 6th ave) to try out the famed LRoom Cafe for myself.


So the thing that we ordered was something called “Wonderland egg waffles”. If any of you asians are looking at this dessert with nostalgia & familiarity, it’s because those are the exact same egg waffles you can find in those street carts in Chinatown for $2! While this plate was not $2 (it was $16), I have to say that I was actually pleasantly surprised by the amalgam of flavors and textures, and it was definitely worth what I paid.

We we’re given some sweet cream to pour on top of the egg waffles, which were delightfully fluffy and crispy on the outside. Hiding inside the egg waffles was a scoop of one of the best vanilla ice creams I’ve ever had in my life, and I don’t even like vanilla ice cream. Or at least I thought I didn’t.


On the plate was a spread of Nutella, various berries, coconut shavings, and some edible flowers.



Another dish we tried was called “The Bun” which is described as a “mousse yuzu with caramel salted butter, biscuit caramel, and hazelnut”. While it looks very much like a dim sum bun, the outer white part was actually a very fluffy layer of yuzu-flavored mousse. The filling was a good mixture of caramel and hazelnut pieces. While I liked this dessert, I didn’t love it. The flavor of the mousse was underwhelming - I think it would’ve been better balanced if there was more citrus & tartness to the overall dessert.

For $12, I would probably skip this dessert and maybe try “The Apple” or “The Lemon” for a better flavor profile.


As i said, I’m not the biggest fan of desserts, but there’s a special gravitational pull to this place. Don’t know if it’s the asian-inspired desserts and flavors, or the super instagrammable elements to this place, but I am totally coming back here soon.

It’s a beautiful yet casual place for date night or just for taking a break in between your destinations. I highly recommend this place to everyone who’s in the mood for some food porn. Hats off to you, pastry chef :)