Saturday Morning Brekkie


Saturday mornings bring joy to many. Some people have the luxury of sleeping in, while others have the pleasure to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I love Saturday mornings for many reasons, but one thing that I can never grow tired of is putting together a nice breakfast spread for myself and others to enjoy. As a natural host, I'm really all about presentation and making everything look nice. It's all the little things that count - everything in life just looks more vibrant and exciting if you put even an ounce of effort in. And is it just me or does food actually taste better when it's presented in a really nice way?


I don't normally do this sort of spread on a weekday, as I'm usually running out the door in 15 minutes. But on the weekends, I like to take my time to get breakfast prepared and set nicely. It's a really great, relaxing, zen way to start your weekends. It gives you an extra pep in your step and your weekend going forward will be good vibes only.


So for breakfast this past weekend, I had some small potato things - I guess they're just called "breakfast potatoes" according to Google. I season them with simple salt and pepper and sautee them in some butter.

I also basted 2 eggs (my favorite way to eat them!), and sprinkled some salt, pepper, and fresh parsley on them. I'm also a huge fan of tomato, so I cut some up and added them to the plate as well.


In the middle of the table, I have some toasted blueberry muffins I made the day before with some butter on the side. If you'd like a blueberry muffin recipe, please let me know! Muffins are my thing.

Andddd a well-rounded breakfast isn't complete without some fruit - so I made a small side acai bowl with granola and cut up bananas. I don't really think I need to make a recipe for acai bowls, as there are hundreds of thousands online ever since they became the "in" thing to do. But nevertheless, they're so yummy I don't really care how "in" or "out" they are.

Food is never out.

I hope you enjoyed this quick brekkie post and I also hope it has inspired you to leisurely make yourself a nice brekkie spread and just relax this coming weekend. Also take the time to connect with your friend/partners/families, or take up hobbies you've been meaning to start. You deserve it :)




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