V Day Gift Guide For Him & Her


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while I’m not normally one to celebrate this holiday, I still feel festive enough to acknowledge this day as a special one for many couples. Regardless, I still like to give a special something to my loved one to show that I’m not a heartless demon. However, every year is always the same; I’m always looking for some thoughtful, inexpensive ways to show my love in some tangible sense. It can be difficult not to go the boring chocolate, flowers, and dinner route, especially if you feel like you’re out of ideas (I’ll admit it happens to me sometimes). That’s why I’ve devised some simple and thoughtful ideas that may help you all find the perfect gift for the one you love.

I hope it helps!

For Her:

  1. Affordable Delicate Fine Jewelry

Always wanted to give your girl some real 14k gold, diamonds, or fine silver, but don’t have the $$$ to buy it?? CatbirdNYC is the perfect website for you find the perfect piece of jewelry for her. I absolutely love this site because everything is fairly priced for the quality you’re getting. You can get high quality, Brooklyn-made 14k jewelry prices starting at $40.

Another company that I’ve raved about on my blog is called Mejuri - a fantastic brand that is extremely transparent about their pricing. They create some incredible designs that fit any budget (they have very high quality gold vermeil jewelry for the budget-conscious).


2. For the brand conscious girl

I find that you can really never go wrong with Tiffany & Co. as the perfect cross-between for high quality + accessible pieces. Coupled with the 182 years of heritage, it is a classic brand that will never go out of style. If your girl appreciates high-end brands, and you’re not trying to break your wallet, this is a great place to start. I’ve highlighted some great pieces that she might like down below :)


For Both:


3. Handmade Letter

Both women and men alike love a handwritten letter from their loved ones, and more importantly one that involves thought and care. I really love being able to make a heartfelt gift for my loved one because it truly makes the moment even more special. Forget Papyrus; I recommend going to Michael’s and buying some beautiful paper to make a completely custom letter for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. They will TRULY appreciate it & keep it forever.

Click Here For More Designs


4. For The Tech Type

I recently purchased a pair of matching bracelets for myself and my loved one. The cool thing about these bracelets is the fact that they’re phone charging cables as well! So anywhere you go, you’ll never be without a charger. This is a great gift for those who find matching bracelets to be gross, because these are actually super cool on your wrist, AND they serve a greater purpose.

You can purchase them on TORRO BRACELETS



5. For Every man

There is nothing more appropriate and classic than a man’s card holder. I believe a man should always have a beautiful card case on hand as an every day option (you really only need your ID and a couple of cards on a daily). There are so many amazing options out there that can go with any style, and for any price point. Take the Coach case (top middle) for example; it’s a really beautiful wallet with a different styling that, I imagine, a lot of men (even women) can appreciate. From Fendi to Longchamp to Ferragamo, there are so many options out there that can fit your price point. One of my favorites is the Burberry card case (bottom left). Click on the images for more info on the product :)


5. Escape the Cold!

For these winter months, why not escape the cold by going to an indoor waterpark for the day! I believe this can be a gift for both men or women, but I put this one particularly in the Men’s gifting section because I think this is a PERFECT way to bring back that fun/excitement to any relationship. It also gives you a day to feel like a kid again, and who doesn’t want that every once in a while??

Ok, you’re probably thinking, “this is for kids,” but there are also some great options within the waterpark that are 21+ friendly. For example, you can book a couples’ facial or massage within the spa, or head over to the swim up bar for some alcoholic drinks & people watching. There’s something for everyone :)

& that concludes my list of Valentine’s gifts! I hope you enjoyed & found this list inspirational for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day :)

Love you all lots & see you next time